DRDO Identifies 108 Military Equipment to be produced only by India

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  • 02:33 PM, August 24, 2020
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DRDO Identifies 108 Military Equipment to be produced only by India
Armoured Engineering Reconnaissance Vehicle (image: DRDO)

India’s state-owned Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) has identified 108 systems and subsystems that will be designed and developed by the Indian Industry only.

The equipment included in the list includes small UAVs, Mines Laying and Marking Equipment, Armoured Engineering Reconnaissance Vehicle (AERV), Anti-Terrorist Vehicle (ATV), Heavy Recovery Vehicle, Bullet Proof Vehicle, Missile Canisters, Marine Rocket Launcher, Image Intensified (II)Based Weapon Sights, Display Systems, Navigation Radars, Airborne Displays, Rotary Actuation Aggregators for Fighter  Aircraft Application and Fuel System Components for Aircraft Application.

DRDO Identifies 108 Military Equipment to be produced only by India
Radars for Ground based SAM systems (image: DRDO)

DRDO will also provide support to industries for design, development and testing of these systems on requirement basis.  All the requirements of these systems by R&D establishments, Armed Forces, and other Security Agencies can be met through development contracts or production orders on suitable Indian industry. This will allow DRDO to focus on design & development of critical and advanced technologies and systems.

The present industry base for DRDO consists of 1800 MSMEs along with DPSUs, Ordnance Factories and large scale industries.  DRDO has already taken major initiatives through various policies to involve Indian industry as Development cum Production Partners (DcPP), offering its technology to industry at nominal cost and providing free access to its patents.

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