Turkey’s Roketsan Unveils Close-in Weapons System

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  • 09:47 AM, September 2, 2020
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Turkey’s Roketsan Unveils Close-in Weapons System
Yalmas Weapon System (via Turkish media)

Turkish firm Roketsan showcased a new weapon system, Yalman, integrated with locally-produced UMTAS and LUMTAS missiles, on August 30.

The Yalmas is a close-in welpon system designed to attack low-flying objects and ground threats including aircraft, missiles and drones besides  tanks and armored vehices. Its primarly responsibility is to protect vital  military assets incuding missile batteries, air bases and cavalry formations.

The Yalmas Weapon System can detect, track and recognize targets that are 8km away. It can operate with OMTAS medium range anti-tank weapon system, UMTAS long-range anti-tank missile, LUMTAS laser-guided long-range anti-tank missile and Cirit laser-guided 70 mm missile. The weapons combination can be changed according to various requirements, including the nature of the target, Daily Sabah reported September 1.

In addition, Roketsan-developed Sungur air defense system with an 8km-range that can fire up to an altitude of over 4km, is expected to enter into the inventory soon. Sungur is aimed to be delivered over the year with two versions, one to be integrated on vehicles and one in man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS) form.

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