Turkey to Integrate F-16 Mini-Bombs on UAVs

  • Aishwarya Rakesh
  • 08:36 AM, September 14, 2020
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Turkey to Integrate F-16 Mini-Bombs on UAVs
Miniature Bomb fitted on F-16 jet.

Turkey wants to arm its combat drones with mini-bombs that are presently fitted on F-16 jets.

The F-16 can carry four Miniature Bombs. We aim to integrate it with two different warheads into our UAVs,” Ismail Demir, Chairman of Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) tweeted Saturday.

Turkey to Integrate F-16 Mini-Bombs on UAVs

Developed by Aselsan, the Miniature Bomb (MB) is carried on Smart Pneumatic Quad Rack (SPQR). The MB system can be targeted and released against single and multiple targets. MB is a GPS/INS guidance bomb which has the capability of attacking targets within the range of 55 NM using its retarding diamond shaped canards.

Turkey to Integrate F-16 Mini-Bombs on UAVs

MB is a small guidance bomb with the capability of penetrating reinforced concrete targets with its high precision hit capabilities and its hardened special shaped nose structure with low collateral damage within targets vicinity.

MB has folded wings that are employed after release to provide extended range. MB can penetrate 1 meter of reinforced concrete targets in range of 55 km.

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