Turkish CEZERİ Flying Car Completes First Flight

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  • 04:39 AM, September 16, 2020
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Turkish CEZERİ Flying Car Completes First Flight

Turkey’s CEZERİ Flying Car developed by Baykar completed initial flight tests recently.

The tests began on September 11. “Pre-prototype of the CEZERİ weighing 230kg first took off with the safety ropes. In the intervening night of September 14-15, it took off without a rope and rose 10m above the ground,” the company said in a statement.

Recently, Japan announced the first successful test drive of its manned flying car, the SD-03.

Baykar began working on the flying car about a year and a half ago. “We will make more advanced prototypes in the coming period. We will perform manned flights. However, it will take an estimated 10-15 years for the CEZERİ Flying Car to land on the roads. We may witness recreational use of these cars in rural areas for 3-4 years,” the company added.

CEZERİ Flying Car is a single-seat, rotating wing aircraft consisting of 8 Brushless DC motors and propeller pairs. The electric vehicle is powered by rechargeable batteries. It will have a maximum cruise speed of 100kmph, altitude of 2000m, range of 70-80km, endurance of 1 hour and payload capability of 80-100kg. According to the company, it is Artificial Intelligence-powered.

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