Russian IL-112V Light Military Transport Completes Wind Tunnel Test Cycle

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  • 02:34 PM, September 21, 2020
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Russian IL-112V Light Military Transport Completes Wind Tunnel Test Cycle
IL-112V Light Military Transport in wind tunnel testing @UAC

A Russian institute has completed a test cycle of a wind tunnel model of the new generation Il-112V light military transport aircraft as part of work to reduce the weight of the aircraft structure.

The experiments were carried out under an order of PJSC "IL" (the head enterprise of the Transport Aviation Division of PJSC UAC of the State Corporation Rostec) by the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute.

The main goal of the research is to study the aerodynamic properties with simulators of lightweight elements (engine nacelles, landing gear fairings, etc.) and their influence on the cruising characteristics of the aircraft.

The experiments were carried out in a transonic wind tunnel T-106 TsAGI at modes close to cruising flight, as well as at increased Reynolds numbers to assess the full-scale characteristics. For the same purpose, the specialists of the institute conducted methodological tests to assess the influence of each element on the overall aerodynamics of the aircraft.

“The work carried out has shown that on the lightweight version, a comparable level of aerodynamic characteristics was obtained, as on the original, heavier one. The fact is that such a modification aimed at reducing the weight of the structure, as a rule, leads to a general deterioration in the characteristics of the aircraft.

However, the previously conducted computational studies made it possible to reduce all negative effects to a minimum, which was confirmed by an experiment in a wind tunnel, "commented Vitaly Gubsky, head of the department of aerodynamics of aircraft and missiles at TsAGI.

The next stage will be the study of the hinge moments of the modified controls on the model of the half-wing of the Il-112V aircraft in the TsAGI T-102 wind tunnel.

The Il-112V light military transport aircraft is the first new tactical transport aircraft designed since the Soviet era. It is meant to  is designed for the transportation and airborne landing of light weapons and military equipment, cargo with a total weight of up to 5 tons.

Russian IL-112V Light Military Transport Completes Wind Tunnel Test Cycle
IL-112V illustration
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