Ultra Secures UK Sonobuoy Test Facility Contract

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  • 07:04 AM, September 23, 2020
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Ultra Secures UK Sonobuoy Test Facility Contract
Ultra sonobuoy

Ultra announced today that it has secured a contract from QinetiQ to support them in replacing the entire Sonobuoy Test Facility (STF) system at the British Underwater Test & Evaluation Centre, MOD BUTEC.

This work includes replacing the Software Defined Sonobuoy Receivers (SDSRs), the Command function transmitters as well as a suite of analysis software for the Ground Monitoring Station which provides control, monitoring, recording and analysis capabilities for the Sonobuoy on test.

New capabilities, which include user friendly graphics and the reuse of seabed hardware to replace surface test equipment, will offer a real saving to the customer. Not having to deploy equipment manually from a small boat means the new system will be safer and less time consuming to use.

QinetiQ and Ultra will collaborate to deliver the STF requirements with QinetiQ providing the COTS computer equipment including networking, data storage and installation.

Ultra supplies sonobuoys, sonobuoy receivers and sonobuoy command transmitters for airborne Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW). Sonobuoys are deployed onto the sea surface and used for detection, classification and localisation of submarines. Test and training for UK sonobuoys is undertaken at the STF at MOD BUTEC in North West Scotland.

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