Turkey Preparing for S-400 Test in Black Sea

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  • 06:50 AM, October 9, 2020
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Turkey Preparing for S-400 Test in Black Sea
Screenshot of video reportedly showing S-400 being transported to Sinop for tests next week (via social media)

Turkey is all set to test its S-400 air defense systems near Sinop on the Black Sea coast next week.

Turkish authorities have closed the area from October 13-16 saying “Practice shooting will be carried out” in the region. The area has been declared “dangerous” for mariners.

Although Turkey has not mentioned anything about the S-400 test, local media in Sinop published photographs and video footages of a convoy of heavy vehicles carrying S-400 missile systems.

Turkey Preparing for S-400 Test in Black Sea

Earlier, a government official told the Turkish Minute that 10 Banshee air targets were delivered to Sinop for S-400 tests. Tests will be carried out to check the combat readiness of the S-400, the radar’s ability to detect and track targets, the capabilities of communication system, as well as check the fire control systems.

An AviaPro report in July said the S-400 radar system had the opportunity to 'detect' the presence of U.S. stealth fighter jets at least thrice. Russia’s TASS also that a Turkish defense ministry official “confirmed” Ankara’s testing of its S-400s against U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets last year. "Yes, such trials have indeed taken place last November," the source allegedly said.

The U.S.-Turkey relations nosedived after the latter bought the S-400 systems from Russia for $2.5 billion in 2017. Washington’s attempts to persuade Ankara to ditch the systems went in vain. Soon after Russia began shipping the S-400s to Turkey in July 2019, the U.S. struck off Turkey’s name from the list of F-35 program partners.

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