Qatar, Albania First Customers for Turkish IHAMAX Anti-Drone System

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  • 12:10 PM, October 22, 2020
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Qatar, Albania First Customers for Turkish IHAMAX Anti-Drone System
IHAMAX anti-drone system (via Turkish media)

Qatar and Albania will become the first countries to buy Turkey’s IHAMAX anti-drone systems.

Produced by National War Technologies Defense Systems Inc., the systems target drones carrying drugs, bombs and other weapons, especially in crowded areas where using armed weapons could be dangerous.

Bekir Yalçın, research and development (R&D) coordinator of the firm, told Anadolu Agency (AA) Wednesday that the company was producing jammers and started to manufacture anti-drone systems in line with the demands of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK).

The 3-4kg portable device provides linear and circular protection. Circular protection particularly allows effective solutions against herd drone threats. IHAMAX is effective up to 2km away, depending on the geographical conditions and its connection with the command center.

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