Dutch Army Tests Smart Shooter's SMASH Counter-UAS Solution

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  • 08:47 AM, October 27, 2020
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Dutch Army Tests Smart Shooter's SMASH Counter-UAS Solution
Drones disabled during SMASH CUAS test (image: Sharp Shooter)

The Dutch Army recently completed a live-fire counter-drone trial using Smart Shooter's SMASH Fire Control System.

Soldiers from all branches of the Dutch army, including the Air Force, Special Forces, and Marines, attended the trial, which was done in close co-operation with Smart Shooter Dutch Partner, TBM bv.

The trial took place at the site of the knowledge center for weapons and ammunition in ‘t Harde. Most of the soldiers were introduced to the system for the first time the morning of the trial, and used it on a Colt 5,56 assault rifle to shoot down different kinds of drones from up to 150 meters.

The test was successful, and the system proved to be very effective as all targets were shot down and eliminated, the company claimed.

Developed by Israeli firm Sharp Shooter, the SMASH “smart” rifle scope can be fitted on any type of rifle. The kit can turn every soldier into a sharpshooter by using computer image processing that locks on to targets and never misses.

The SMASH smart scope works by finding targets automatically and placing red squares around them. The soldier presses the trigger and holds it until the system releases a bullet within a millisecond. The scope calculates several factors including distance, angles, the target's direction and speed, plus the wind direction before firing a bullet.

The U.K. Army commenced testing the new opto-electronic targeting system in May. The scope has also been reportedly tested by the US Army, the US Airforce and also special operations units, besides Australian troops. Israeli forces have been using them to shoot down drones since a year.

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