SAHA Defence & Aerospace Virtual Exhibition, Turkey to Run for 5 Months

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  • 08:03 AM, November 2, 2020
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SAHA Defence & Aerospace Virtual Exhibition, Turkey to Run for 5 Months
SAHA Virtual Exhibition

As the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way trade exhibitions are held, a new defence and aerospace event in Turkey- SAHA EXPO 2020- is showing the way forward for virtual exhibitions.

The SAHA EXPO Virtual Exhibition, organised by SAHA Istanbul Defence & Aerospace Cluster, will be held online between 09 – 13 November 2020, with over 300 exhibitors. It will host thousands of defence sector professionals from Turkey and the World.

Exhibitors will be able to introduce their latest products, systems and designs and establish international collaborations by video conferences with procurement committees from Turkey and the World. The Virtual Exhibition will be open to visits and B2B / B2G meetings among exhibitors and delegations for 5 months until 9th of April, 2021.

At SAHA EXPO Virtual Exhibition, companies and government representatives from North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, North and Continent Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and many other countries will participate in B2B / B2G meetings, a statement from the organizers said.

The virtual exhibition will offer visitors the opportunity to examine the products and systems developed by hundreds of participating defence companies, including AKINCI Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV), T129 ATAK helicopter, ALTAY Main Battle Tank, BAYRAKTAR TB2 UAV and missile systems, and they will receive detailed information.

SAHA Defence & Aerospace Virtual Exhibition, Turkey to Run for 5 Months
SAHA virtual exhibition Halls

SAHA EXPO Virtual Exhibition can be accessed via PC web browser, mobile browser or SAHA EXPO mobile application without downloading any applications. People authorized to log in will be able to log into the system from anywhere in the world. Entries to the system will have 3 different statuses as Exhibitor, Delegation and Visitor.

While the defence industry professionals from Turkey and the World stroll through the virtual exhibition 24/7, they will be able to:

  • Examine 3D models of companies in detail with Virtual Reality technologies,
  • Watch video presentations of companies and products,
  • Download product catalogues,
  • Make live video conferences with relevant people from the company.

Face-to-face communication will also be possible at SAHA EXPO Virtual Exhibition. Participants will thus not feel a lack of mutual communication. Face-to-face communication between the visitors of the exhibition and the officials of the participating companies will be provided through the application, XperMeet. With this application, developed by BITES, an ASELSAN subsidiary, users will be able to connect to the company official he/she wants with a single click and receive answers to his/her questions simultaneously.

The registered delegation members will be able to request a video meeting from the participating companies and they will determine the meeting time mutually through the software.

SAHA EXPO Virtual Exhibition application will include features such as survey, analysis and reporting, different language support, integration with social media accounts. Information such as how many times each user visits the stand of which company, how long he/she stays, whether he/she downloads files or not will also be accessible from the application. Thus, the participating companies will be able to reach and interact with their target audiences more easily according to their analysis of this data.

SAHA Defence & Aerospace Virtual Exhibition, Turkey to Run for 5 Months
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