Iran Unveils Multiple Ballistic Missile Launch System

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  • 03:22 PM, November 4, 2020
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Iran Unveils Multiple Ballistic Missile Launch System

Iran has unveiled a “multiple barrel long range ballistic missile system,” which could be a unique addition to the world of ballistic missiles.

The automated and smart system, used for launching multiple long-range ballistic missiles, has been manufactured by the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force, a report in Tasnim News Agency said.

The report did not give out details such as the missiles’ range or the number of missiles that could be fired from the launchers or the rate of fire. An image accompanying the report  showed six transporter, erecter, launchers (TEL) with a single missile mounted on each.

An accompanying video  showed what looked like five short range missiles being arranged in line by a TEL. There was no images or video of any command and control system.

The homegrown missile launcher system was unveiled by IRGC Commander Major General Hossein Salami. “The launch of our missiles rattles the enemy. Our missile power guarantees the withdrawal of enemies,” the IRGC commander thundered in the unveiling ceremony on Wednesday.


Another report in PressTV said that the smart automated system, can launch multiple long-range ballistic missiles consecutively.

The PressTV report  said quoting Major General Hossein Salami “We are witnessing new achievements in this field (missile program) day by day, and today we are witnessing an unparalleled and a new achievement, which has the ability to launch missiles simultaneously or consecutively at desired intervals.”

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