Ukraine to Provide Radar Systems for US Military

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  • 05:22 AM, November 9, 2020
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Ukraine to Provide Radar Systems for US Military
Ukrainian 36D6M1-1 3D mobile radar

Ukraine’s Iskra, a subsidiary of state-owned Ukroboronprom, will supply new radar systems to the U.S. military under a contract signed recently.

“The U.S. is completely satisfied with the quality of our products. Just a few days ago, another contract was signed for the supply of radar systems,” Dmitro Semenov, Iskra’s chief designer, told in an interview.


The U.S. Army already use Ukrainian air-defense radar systems, including the newest 36D6M1-1 3D mobile radar it received in 2018. This radar is designed to be used as a part of modern automated Air Defense systems, Anti-Aircraft Missile Complexes and to detect low flying air targets under active and passive jamming as well as to provide Air Traffic Control both for military and civil purpose.

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