12:00 AM, February 26, 2009
Libyan government has signed an agreement with Bin Jabr Group for 120 NIMRs. Bin Jabr Group will manufacture and deliver 120 NIMR 4x4 multimission combat platforms to the Libyan Armed Forces, according to local news. Saeed Al Suwaidi, chairman and CEO of Bin Jabr Group said that after years of testing the vehicles in the various climates of the Arabian Peninsula and Africa, the first batch of NIMR 4x4 (1) & (2) are under final production and will be delivered within the next three months. NIMRs are high mobility multi purpose wheeled vehicles, with the new generation of 4x4 tactical, multi-purpose vehicles designed and built in the Middle East. They are intended for replacement of existing 4x4 light tactical vehicles with in the Middle East and elsewhere. While claiming an excellent off-road performance, NIMRs can attain a road speed of more than 130 km per hour. They are typically used for long range operations in excess of 700 km.