Rafael Presents Next-Generation Combat Vehicle Suite at Korea Expo

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  • 08:57 AM, November 18, 2020
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Rafael Presents Next-Generation Combat Vehicle Suite at Korea Expo
Rafael equipment that will be on display at DX Defense & Security Expo Korea.

Israeli firm Rafael has presented its Next-Generation Combat Vehicle Suite (NGCV-S) at DX Defense & Security Expo Korea taking place from November 18-21, 2020.

As part of the ROK’s Tiger 4.0 program, Rafael’s suite for future combat vehicles is taking center stage this year at the company’s display. The NGCV-S offers integrated protection, lethality, situational awareness and network for enhanced mission effectiveness even in GPS-denied scenarios.

Rafael’s NGCV-S has an open, modular architecture, that consists of a 30/40mm automatic cannon with ABM capability, a launcher for SPIKE anti-tank multi-purpose guided missiles, advanced armor protection, including TROPHY, the world’s only operational active protection system, the Fire Weaver networked combat system with sophisticated autonomous capabilities that connects all types of sensors and shooters over any tactical radio in real time, the Spike FireFly miniature, portable, BLOS close-combat reconnaissance and loitering munition, the BNet SDR communication system and more.

Another central capability will be Rafael’s Spike ER2 (10km) and NLOS (32km), tactical, electro-optical, multi-platform, multi-purpose missiles, addressing the global trend of helicopter platform conversion from utility to assault, as well as platform upgrades. 33,000 Spike missiles have been sold around the world, with 35 customers and over 6,000 missiles fired in combat and intraining.

On display will also be the BNET patented communication system, supporting simultaneous and robust data, voice & video services with multiple auto relays. Bnet is an advanced Broadband IP MANET (Mobile Ad-hoc NETwork) Software Defined Radio for tactical operations. With a patented technology – modular, multi-band and multi-channel, BNET is a net-centric, spectrum aware, system for vehicular and airborne platforms, headquarters, and dismounted soldiers. BNET enables all radios of land, sea and air units to participate in a single, seamless, scalable MANET network. This enables a network rate of 100Mbps, while facilitating the formation of a single “flat” network, scaling up to thousands of radios.

In the air defense realm, Rafael will showcase its air defense systems, including the the Drone Dome counter-drone system, alrady operational in a number of countries around the world both in civilian in military applications. Boosting air defense capabilities and on display at DX Korea will be the SkySpotter, a passive electro-optical Early Warning System with a high probability of detection and a very low false alarm rate, enhancing the capability of air defense radar detection systems.

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