Turkish Firm to Develop AI to Link Up to 50 Drones in Swarm

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  • 08:17 AM, November 20, 2020
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Turkish Firm to Develop AI to Link Up to 50 Drones in Swarm
Drones to be used in a herd concept by MilSOFT software (MilSOFT via Turkish media)

Software developed by Turkey’s MilSOFT company coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI) will enable the military to link upto 50 drones in a swarm.

The software-based solution will allow swarms of UAVs to be released from planes and other platforms. Images obtained will enter the aerial image, while the vehicles in the flock will be able to transfer images between the units with a relay function, Anadolu Agency reported Thursday.

With MilSOFT's solutions, when commands are given from helicopters, the UAV swarm accompanying it will be able to perform a frontal attack and provide operational support.

The UAV swarm can operate completely autonomously from the beginning to the end of a mission and can be instantly monitored and controlled via the intelligence applications MilSOFT provides.

The vehicles in the herd have a flight time of more than 30 minutes and a payload capacity of 1kg. The vehicles work with landing gear that can land on rough terrain.

While five UAVs are currently used in a herd on the field, this number can reach up to 25 in the simulation environment. MilSOFT aims to make a UAV swarm of 50 operational vehicles soon.

With the integration of intelligence and image evaluation solutions, currently used drone swarms will be given additional capabilities to the existing intelligence systems capabilities such as reconnaissance, detection, recognition, search and rescue, and vehicle tracking.

Communication between UAVs is also provided by MilSOFT's own solutions. Vehicles can communicate with each other from up to 500m. There is also a 10km network solution for data transfers. The company aims to transfer its solution to underwater and surface platforms and land vehicles.

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