EmbraerX, Airservices to Develop Air Taxi Services in Australia

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  • 05:12 PM, December 1, 2020
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EmbraerX, Airservices to Develop Air Taxi Services in Australia
Airservices' urban air mobility illustration

EmbraerX, and Airservices, Australia’s civil air navigation service provider, have developed a concept of operations (CONOPS) for the air taxi market, also known as urban air mobility (UAM).

Using the City of Melbourne, Australia as a model, the CONOPS examines how existing air traffic management solutions can initially enable UAM operations while simultaneously preparing for scale of operations through new traffic management technologies.

Going forward, Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions, the new EmbraerX spin-off, will be responsible for this partnership with Airservices and for the development of Urban Air Traffic Management solutions.

Australia is one of the countries benefitting from this innovation revolution and is attracting industry interest and investment, largely due to strong government support and a world-leading aviation safety record. This CONOPS was created to help safely introduce and accelerate the growth of the UAM market in Australia.

Said Daniel Moczydlower, President & CEO of EmbraerX. “Through this partnership, we are jointly embarking on the first steps toward Australia becoming one of the world’s first Urban Air Mobility markets.”

 Said Peter Curran, Chief Customer Experience and Strategy Officer at Airservices. “We are excited to partner with a global aviation expert to access to the urban airspace for conventional helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, and eVTOL aircraft among others.”

The CONOPS leverages Airservices’ sophisticated simulation technology to demonstrate how air taxis could be integrated with existing airspace users in the highly complex Melbourne airspace. This level of simulation provides a scientific basis to the CONOPS.

David Rottblatt, Project Leader for EmbraerX’s Urban Air Traffic Management and appointed to be the future Vice President of Business Development for Eve said, “This CONOPS proposes a safe method for allowing the UAM industry in Australia to scale. Following this first critical step, we will start gathering feedback from industry stakeholders and the community to further inform how we can co-create this exciting future.”

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