Russia to Supply 100 Helicopter Engines to China

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  • 10:43 AM, December 2, 2020
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Russia to Supply 100 Helicopter Engines to China
VK-2500PS-03 engine

Russia’s United Engine Corporation announced today it has signed a contract with China to provide 100 VK-2500PS-03 turboshaft helicopter engines between 2021-22.

The VK-2500PS-03 engine has been certified in India, China, Brazil and Colombia. The certificate validation in China resulted in a contract for the supply of almost 100 VK-2500PS-03 engines in 2021-2022, UEC said in a release.

Rostec certified this engine for use on South Korea’s Mi-171A2 civilian helicopters. Validation of the type certificate will allow to start deliveries of units manufactured by UEC Klimov to this country.

The engine maker plans to produce 500 engines of the VK-2500 family annually, up from the current 300.

The VK-2500PS-03 is the latest modification of the VK-2500 engine and can be used on Mi and Ka helicopters. It is said to be a civil version of the propulsion system installed on Mi-28 gunships.

Russia to Supply 100 Helicopter Engines to China

Engine certification tests in the Russian Federation were successfully completed in 2016. The main design difference between the two engines is the presence of a digital control system such as FADEC in the new one. The overhaul and designated resource of this engine is two times higher than that of its predecessors. VK-2500PS-03 gives helicopters fundamentally new opportunities for their operation in high-altitude regions and areas with a hot climate. Its installation on a civilian Mi-171A2 helicopter is considered as a basic application of the engine.

The overhaul and assigned service life of the engine is two times higher than that of its predecessors. The engine performance is provided in the air temperature range from minus 50 ºС to +60 ºС. The stable operation of the VK-2500PS-03 engines is ensured up to an altitude of 6000 meters.

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