Turkish Aerospace to Receive First ATAK-GOKBEY Helo Engine Prototype

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  • 01:40 PM, December 3, 2020
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Turkish Aerospace to Receive First ATAK-GOKBEY Helo Engine Prototype
T625 Gökbey helicopter (Turkish Civil Aviation Authority)

Tusaş Engine Industries (TEI) will complete the delivery of domestic TS1400 engine to power ATAK and GÖKBEY rotorcraft, to Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) this month.

Development of the Turkish TS1400 turboshaft engine began in February 2017 under TEI’s Turboshaft Engine Development Project (TEDP). It will power T129 ATAK and GÖKBEY helicopters, and HÜRKUŞ training aircraft.

Although the basic structure of the engine powering the helicopters will be similar, there may be some changes since ATAK is a military attack rotorcraft while GÖKBEY is a civilian chopper. “GÖKBEY is almost non-maneuverable compared to ATAK. This is a situation that affects the internal structure of the engine. A situation that affects many areas from the cooling of the turbine to the pressurization of the bearings, to the compressor inlet of the engine. At the end of the day, we will see two TS1400s, but no doubt there will be two very different TS1400s,” Kadir Doğan, part of the Turkish engine project, was quoted as saying by DefenceTurk.

Turkish Aerospace to Receive First ATAK-GOKBEY Helo Engine Prototype
TS1400 Turboshaft Engine to be used in T-625 Gökbey

The GÖKBEY currently flies with the CTS-800A turboshaft engine supplied by Light Helicopter Turbine Engine Company, a joint venture between Honeywell and Rolls-Royce. TS1400 produces 100-150 horsepower more than the U.S.-made engine.

“On 22 October of the current year, we successfully started our engine (TS1400) as a full helicopter engine, including the power turbine, including the power turbine to turn the propeller of the helicopter.… The first prototype of the TS1400 will be delivered to TAI in December,” TEI General Manager and Chairman of the Board Mahmut Faruk AKŞİT said during the CAREER AND PROJECTS AT TEI event.

Turkish Aerospace to Receive First ATAK-GOKBEY Helo Engine Prototype

The engine, which will be driven by 1400 horsepower, is planned to be in serial production in 2024, after eight years of development.

In October, after the engine was fired up for the first time, TEI evaluated and made some modifications.

Talking about the development, Doğan said, “There are many sub-systems such as particle separators, anti-icing systems, cabin pressurization valves and these need to be integrated with certain phases until the final engine. After all these systems are integrated, we will see the final engine.”

Once the development is complete, he said, the engine powering GÖKBEY would require an EASA certification. “It is subject to EASA certification. This can bring about many changes (from military engine version) as certification processes are challenging.”

He added: “There is a certification process called CS-E here. You have to keep everything under control, from the diameter of the dust particles that will enter the engine, to the amount of ice that will form inside, to the amount of Nitrogen-Oxide that the engine will emit. Therefore, all of these subsystems are very important. It will be a tough process, but I think the final engine can be fleshed out next year.”

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