Russian Firm Begins Developing New-Gen Submarines

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  • 05:28 AM, December 7, 2020
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Russian Firm Begins Developing New-Gen Submarines
A Russian Navy submarine.

Russia’s Rubin Central Design Bureau of Marine Engineering has begun working on a new-generation of non-nuclear submarines.

“Design work has begun on the creation of ships of a new generation, which in many, many years should become part of our fleet. These are not Boreo, Borei-A or Lada class of submarines. These are the next ships that we are planning today,” Igor Vilnit, general director of Rubin, said on the defense ministry-owned Zvezda TV channel.

“These are both strategic missile carriers and non-nuclear submarines,” the official added.

Russian Firm Begins Developing New-Gen Submarines
Russia's Poseidon underwater drone

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that his country was developing unmanned ships and submarines. 

Russia is developing unmanned seagoing vessels, including underwater ones, Putin said speaking on Friday at a conference on artificial intelligence.

“Marine ships that can operate without a captain and crew enter our inland waters, we ourselves create unmanned marine vessels, including in an underwater version, in this case in the field of defense,” the head of state said.

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