Chinese Army in Tibet Equips Individual Soldiers with Tactical Information Kits

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  • 02:40 PM, December 28, 2020
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Chinese Army in Tibet Equips Individual Soldiers with Tactical Information Kits
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Weeks after inducting drones, armored vehicles, Z-20 and Z-10 helicopters, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Tibet Military Command now have tactical information systems to share real-time combat data.

The new tactical information system was part of PLA’s recent informationized comprehensive combat drill conducted at 4500m. By monitoring the system carried by each and every soldier on the battlefield, the command center was able to track each soldier's movement, understand the whole dynamics on the battlefield and give instructions to each soldier about their current mission in real time, CCTV reported Monday.

An expert speculated that the system could likely possess strong anti-jamming capabilities so it can function properly even under complicated electromagnetic environments, Global Times wrote.

During the drills, the system displayed basic data (like location and status of soldier) on a digitized map on screen, and allowed the command center to “see” the visuals provided by cameras fitted on soldiers’ helmets. It also shows that the system can be used to send information or orders via voice or short messages.

On the soldiers' side, they carry system terminals on their chests, folded into their body armor when not used. These tablet computer-like terminals are expected to also be used to share and receive all battlefield information with and from the command center and among one another of the soldiers.

"By grasping the process of combat, we can switch personnel at any time based on their expenses [in terms of ammunition, stamina and casualties], communicate with them and inform every individual soldier about their mission in real time," Li Jichuan, an instructor of the brigade, said.

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