Russia Tests Modular Unmanned Ground Vehicle Prototype

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  • 02:26 PM, December 31, 2020
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Russia Tests Modular Unmanned Ground Vehicle Prototype
Marker UGV

The Russian military’s advanced research agency said it has tested a prototype of Marker, a new modular unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) in snow-covered Chelyabinsk region recently.

The wheeled unmanned platform autonomously trekked up a 30km path during the test, Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects said in a statement Wednesday.

“The UGV was provided with coordinates of its destination. Its motion control system ensured the platform’s arrival at the finish line in an hour and a half, relying on the data of the technical vision system built on new neural network algorithms. The autonomous control system of the platform movement provides autonomous laying and adjustment of the route of movement in the event of obstacles – trees, rises, ravines, bushes, etc,” the statement said.

The technical characteristics of the platform provide the possibility of autonomous operation for up to 48 hours on paved roads and up to 24 hours on rough terrain. As part of the next tests, the Marker platform will have to cover 50km, 100km and 200km.

The Marker is expected to lay the basis for testing inter-operability of ground robots, unmanned aerial vehicles and Special Operations Forces. It is positioned as a modular kit for creating unmanned vehicles for future warfare.

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