Russia to Arm MiG-31 Jets with Kh-47M Hypersonic Missiles

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  • 08:20 AM, January 11, 2021
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Russia to Arm MiG-31 Jets with Kh-47M Hypersonic Missiles
MiG-31 armed with Kinzhal hypersonic missile

The Russian Navy has armed its MiG-31 fighters with Kh-47 Kinzhal hypersonic missiles.

The 98th mixed regiment, part of the Northern Fleet on the Kola Peninsula; and the 317th Pacific Regiment in Kamchatkawil, will receive the new version of long-range MiG-31s with K index that will be armed with Kinzhal missiles, Izvestia reported.

Currently, a squadron of MiG-31K aircraft armed with hypersonic missiles is on experimental combat duty in Russia’s Southern Military District, according to reports.

Kinzhal is the airborne version of Iskander tactical missile. The Kh-47M Kinzhal missile is capable of flying 10-12 times faster than sound at a range of up to 2000 km.

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