Akinci Drones, Upgraded ATAK Helicopters Among new Weapons for Turkey in 2021

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  • 06:17 PM, January 11, 2021
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Akinci Drones, Upgraded ATAK Helicopters Among new Weapons for Turkey in 2021
Akinci combat drone

Delivery of Turkey’s new Akinci unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) to Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) is set to begin this year along with the serial production of Aksungur medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) drone.

In addition, deliveries of the upgraded T129 Tactical Reconnaissance and Attack Helicopter (ATAK) to the Turkish armed forces will take place this year. The phase-two configuration of the ATAK includes additional electronic warfare (EW) systems such as a laser warning receiver, a radio frequency jammer, a radar warning system and a 9681 V/UHF Radio, Chairperson of Turkish Defence Industry Secretariat (CSSB), Ismail Demir said Monday in a series of Tweets.

The upgraded ATAK helicopter is in line to be delivered to Pakistan – provided a locally-made engine makes the grade or the U.S. allow the export of the LHTEC T800-4A engine.

Akinci Drones, Upgraded ATAK Helicopters Among new Weapons for Turkey in 2021
Altay main battle tank

Demir also added that tests of Hisar-O+ upgraded medium-altitude air defense system will be completed in 2021 and the system will be ready to enter into service with the TSK. The first prototype of Batu tank engine developed for domestically-made Altay main battle tank as well as first prototype of the Utku engine for new-generation, light-armored vehicles will be operated for the first time this year.

Initial deliveries of the first national anti-ship missile Atmaca, domestic torpedo Akya and anti-tank gun Karaok will be made during this year as well, Daily Sabah reported.

Flagship-to-be TCG Anadolu, a multipurpose amphibious assault ship, will be delivered to the naval forces, along with the training ship Ufuk and the I Class Istanbul frigate, the first frigate manufactured under the MILGEM (National Ship) project.

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