Powered Exoskeleton to Help Chinese Soldiers Carry 50 kg Ammunition

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  • 07:46 AM, January 13, 2021
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Powered Exoskeleton to Help Chinese Soldiers Carry 50 kg Ammunition
Chinese troops wear exoskeleton suits in a supply delivery mission in Ngari, Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region in 2020 @CCTV

A new type of motor-powered exoskeleton suit to carry ammunition boxes weighing 50 kg has been unveiled by the Chinese military.

The light-weight exoskeleton suit, known as the portable ammunition support assist system for individual soldiers, can provide 20 kg of assisted strength to its user, relieve more than 50% of the burden and greatly reduce risks of waist injury, China Central Television (CCTV) reported on Monday.

It takes less than 40 seconds to put on and take off the suit.

The suit’s motor gives a reacting force to its user every time the user gets up after bending over, so the user can get up faster with less effort. Optional hooks can be used when carrying ammunition boxes, and they can not only help the user with a better grasp, but also give assisted strength, CCTV said, noting that with the help of the exoskeleton suit, one person can carry ammunition boxes weighing 50 kg without much effort, and two people can carry more than 75 kg with ease, the report said.

Data on usage of the suit, including how much assisted strength the suit has provided, can be recorded to a tablet. The usage data can then be used to improve the suit, CCTV said.

Last month, the Chinese military stationed at high altitude regions received non-powered exoskeletons built to conserve their energy while performing tasks such as patrol, transportation, and logistics support.

Experts predict China to develop exoskeleton suits with bullet-proof armor plates, armed with weapons or even with jetpacks for flying; besides others to aid in combat missions, logistics support missions and also civilian purposes like freight loading and courier services.

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