Life-size Model of Russia’s Su-57 fighter at Aero India 2021

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  • 04:58 AM, February 2, 2021
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Life-size Model of Russia’s Su-57 fighter at Aero India 2021
Sukhoi Su-57 jet

A life-size export model of Russia’s first stealth fighter, the Su-57, will be on display at this year’s edition of Aero India show starting tomorrow.

“Foreign customers display high interest in the export version of Russia’s Su-57. A full-size model of the Su-57E fighter will be demonstrated at the Aero India 2021 aerospace show that will run in the Indian city of Bengaluru on February 3-5,” Rostec Director for International Cooperation and Regional Policy Viktor Kladov told TASS on Monday.

"If we speak about the Su-57E, this aircraft evokes high interest in many countries because it features unique combat properties and flight characteristics. We see that there is the need for next-generation aircraft and there are both a market niche and pre-requisites for the delivery of this plane," Kladov said.

Life-size Model of Russia’s Su-57 fighter at Aero India 2021

Su-57 was developed by the Sukhoi company (part of the UAC) and is produced at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant (KnAAZ). This jet designed to destroy all types of air targets in long-range and close-range battles, defeat ground and surface targets of the enemy and overcome air defense systems. Its maiden flight took place on January 29, 2010.

The first serial Su-57 was planned to be handed over to the Russian Ministry of Defense at the end of 2019 but the jet crashed during a test flight on the eve of delivery.

The Russian military is expected to receive 76 Su-57 fighters by 2028.

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