France Orders €160 Million Tactical Intelligence System from Airbus, Thales

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  • 04:54 AM, February 6, 2021
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France Orders €160 Million Tactical Intelligence System from Airbus, Thales
French tactical joint intelligence system of electromagnetic origin (ROEM)

The French Armament Directorate (DGA) has ordered the first tactical joint intelligence system of electromagnetic origin (ROEM) from Thales and Airbus.

The tactical ROEM joint system will be used by the 54th Signal Regiment, the Army's electronic support regiment, on Scorpion vehicles to replace the various tactical ROEM capabilities currently in use, a DGA release said February 5.

It will equip the first ranks of the French Navy and the Atlantic 2 maritime patrol planes, replacing and complementing the current systems. In the Air and Space Army, it will be used in the form of projectable land equipment to ensure the protection of air bases

This new system will be made up of a range of sensors which can be combined in the form of modules, adapted to the needs of theaters of operations and the required projection environment, whether land, naval or air.

Included in the 2019-2025 military programming law, this armament program, with a first 2020 order of around 160 million euros, provides for delivery of the first capacities in 2023. End of development (full capacity) should take place in 2025.

The collection of intelligence of electromagnetic origin (ROEM) consists in exploiting the use by the adversary of electromagnetic means of communication to acquire intelligence. The purpose of the tactical ROEM joint system is to provide the three services with a homogeneous system, using as many common bricks as possible, in order to guarantee operational continuity and joint use of the information collected.

In order to improve interoperability and the transmission of intelligence, the joint tactical ROEM system will interface with the various means of communication, the intelligence chain, as well as the tools for alerting theaters of operation.

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