All New Russian Aircraft to be presented at MAKS-2021

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  • 01:20 PM, March 23, 2021
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All New Russian Aircraft to be presented at MAKS-2021

Russia’s Rostec will unveil a new aircraft in July during MAKS-2021 air show.

“We would like to present as vividly as possible all the achievements of Russia in both military and civil aircraft construction, including promising models of aircraft, helicopters, engines and other units, advanced on-board systems. New items are also planned, in particular, we will show a fundamentally new aircraft for the first time,” Rostec was quoted as saying by Zvezda, which is run by Russian defense ministry.

It is not known whether the aircraft will be civilian or military. It could likely be a single-engine fifth generation fighter jet being prepared by Rostec. In December, the company had announced the development of such a jet in both manned and unmanned versions. The aircraft could be created on the basis of MiG-29 fighter.

The new tactical aviation platform could complement Russia’s Su-57 stealth jet. Russian industry sources had told during the MAKS-2019 event that a possible light fighter, which could be called the MiG-XX for now, was on the table. This aircraft would borrow certain characteristics of the Su-57 such as an internal weapons bay, lightweight materials and stealth characteristics. Its engine would be more powerful than seen on the MiG-35.

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