Russia'a New Quadcopter Drone is Immune to Radio-Jamming

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  • 04:41 AM, April 16, 2021
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Russia'a New Quadcopter Drone is Immune to Radio-Jamming
ZALA 421-24 quadcopter drone

Russia’s ZALA Aero unveiled a new quadcopter drone that is claimed to be immune to radio-jamming and other electronic attacks.

"We have integrated a solution on this copter that allows conducting a flight in a complete radio silence mode. We give it a point on the map, fully switch off the communications channel and GPS and send it to the coordinate. The onboard computer creates a cloud of points on the ground and makes a flight already relative to the ground. It can return from absolutely any point of its flight, if our communications or GPS are cut off," ZALA Aero Special Projects Head Nikita Khamitov, said.

The ZALA 421-24 can be operated from a mobile vehicle as well as by hand. It can remain in the air for about 40 minutes and has an operating range of around 5km.

The drone can be outfitted with a video camera and a thermal imaging device, the company said in a release. This aircraft also has a low acoustic and visual signature for its detection.

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