Tests on Model of Future French Aircraft Carrier Confirm Good Maneuverability Performance

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  • 03:41 PM, May 23, 2021
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Tests on Model of Future French Aircraft Carrier Confirm Good Maneuverability Performance
Scale model of future French Aircraft Carrier, PA-Ng undergoing tests: DGA image

The French Director General Armaments (DGA)’s Naval and Hydrodynamic Techniques wing carried out maneuverability tests of a scale model of the future French Navy aircraft carrier ‘PA-Ng’ to measure its turning, heading and stability performance.

After having activated and steered the rudders at various angles, looked at the turning performance, simulated emergency stops, measured the acceleration performance or caused damage to the rudder or the shaft line, the preliminary results confirm the good maneuvering performance of the model, a DGA release said.

These tests follow the numerical simulations, the resistance to movement tests, the self-propulsion tests and the propulsive performance tests of the propellers carried out at the DGA Hydrodynamic test and expertise center, Normandy.

To carry out its tests, the DGA uses both digital simulation and mock-up tests.

Numerical simulation allows risks to be lifted before investing in the manufacture of the model. However, numerical simulation does not make it possible to obtain the complete physics of the phenomena, which is why tests must be carried out in real conditions.

Ten meters long, the tested scale model includes three tree lines, two anti-roll keels, two pairs of stabilizers and two lateral rudders. It is equipped with propulsion motors, rudder actuators, tracking systems and a control system allowing it to autonomously perform all of the ship's maneuvers in similarity to its behavior at sea.

An essential performance of the future aircraft carrier is in particular its ability to perform rapid U-turn maneuvers while maintaining heeling attitudes compatible with the safety of the platform, the implementation of the aircraft and the aircraft systems.

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