French DGA, Nexter Launch Upgrade Program of first 50 Leclerc Tanks

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  • 11:58 AM, June 25, 2021
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French DGA, Nexter Launch Upgrade Program of first 50 Leclerc Tanks
Lelerc Tank, Nexter

The French Director General Armaments (DGA) launched the renovation by Nexter Systems of the first 50 Leclerc tanks for the benefit of the French army.

A total of 200 tanks will be renovated and upgraded to integrate the Leclercs into project SCORPION by equipping it with information and command system (SICS) common to all SCORPION vehicles, a French MoD release said.

As part of the upgrade, the Leclerc tanks will be provided with improved protection against Improvised Explosive Devices [IED] and rockets, jammer against remote controlled IEDs besides a remotely operated weapon turret.

Replace obsolescent fire control computers in order to be able to fire future ammunition.

The Leclerc tank is one of the rare battle tanks capable of firing while rolling on a fixed or mobile target up to a distance of 4000 meters.

Leclerc's capability is essential to meet French commitments, particularly within NATO, in a context of hardening of operations around the world and an increase in the risk of major clashes.

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