Sudan May Soon Give its Nod for Russia to Build Naval Base

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  • 09:13 AM, July 13, 2021
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Sudan May Soon Give its Nod for Russia to Build Naval Base
Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Sudan is expected to give the go-ahead to Russia for the latter to build a navy base on its territory.

After meeting with his Sudanese counterpart Mariam al-Mahdi on Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, “(Mariam) disclosed that Sudan is preparing for the ratification process. It will be carried out in accordance with procedures that exist in the Sudanese parliament.”

Russia has also commenced the ratification process. “The parliament is currently on vacation. Once it is over, the State Duma will define the schedule for the reviewing of this document. This will be done by the new Duma membership,” Lavrov was quoted as saying by TASS News Agency.

On July 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin introduced the agreement with Sudan on the establishment of a Russian Navy base.

The base will be used for repairs and the resupply of Russian military vessels including nuclear submarines. Russia will also be able to import and export weapons, ammunition and supplies for the warships, duty-free and exempt from scrutiny. In return, Sudan will receive free assistance in search-and-rescue operations and support in anti-sabotage efforts from Russia, as per reports.

A draft deal published by the Russian government earlier this year said the Navy will station up to four warships and up to 300 service members in the Sudanese port. 

An agreement to establish the military logistics center in the Red Sea City of Port Sudan was made public in December 2020.

A Russian MoD team reportedly visited Sudan to begin work related to building the base in February. Three months later, reports claimed that Sudan had asked the Russian Navy to evacuate equipment from the Port Sudan following a unilateral “suspension” of the agreement. In the days that followed, several Russian warships were spotted at the said Port.

Sudan’s Navy had taken delivery of a training vessel donated by Russia as part of bilateral military cooperation between the two countries. Donating the ship was part of a deal for Russia to set up the naval base.

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