All-new Engine to Power Upcoming Russian Regional Aircraft to Replace An-24, Yak-40 Planes

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  • 02:11 PM, July 15, 2021
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All-new Engine to Power Upcoming Russian Regional Aircraft to Replace An-24, Yak-40 Planes
TVRS-44 Engine @Rostec

Russia’s Ural Civil Aviation Plant has initiated the development of an all-new regional turboprop aircraft "TVRS-44” together with TV7-117ST-02, a new engine, to replace obsolete An-24, An-26B-100, and Yak-40 aircraft that are plying on the country’s regional routes and also serve as military transports.

The new engine will be created on the basis of the TV7-117ST-01 engine undergoing certification for the passenger Il-114-300, which made its maiden flight in December 2020, reported Rostec.

The company stated that along with updated piping and electrical system, the new engine will have a takeoff power of 2,400 hp, reduced fuel consumption, and closed oil system, a new aircraft generator, and an electric start instead of an air one. Along with these features, the engine mounts will be adapted to the aircraft suspension.

“The project being implemented meets two global goals - it contributes to the development of domestic competencies in the field of civil aircraft construction and the satisfaction of the country's needs in regional aviation. We plan to produce the first prototypes for preliminary tests by the middle of 2023, and at the end of 2023 - to supply engines to TVRS for flight tests. Serial production of TV7-117ST-02 is planned to begin in 2025,” said Vsevolod Eliseev, General Designer of UEC-Klimov JSC.

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