South Korea to Trial Grenade-Launching Drone in 2022

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  • 08:19 AM, August 6, 2021
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South Korea to Trial Grenade-Launching Drone in 2022
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South Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) will start testing its new Grenade-Launching Drones and Small Modularized Drones next year.
DAPA’s Grenade Launching Drone is an attack drone that is equipped with six 40mm class grenade and can remotely control fire to a short-range target (within 2km). The drone is equipped with a two-axis gimbal and recoil absorber to offset the impact of the drone's movement and grenade launch. It is fitted with an optical and thermal imaging camera and laser range finder. This kind of drone has high utility as an offensive weapon.
The Small Modular Drone will be used to carry out monitoring and reconnaissance by applying a small module and weighing less than 1.95kg for personal portability. The drone is to be equipped with optical and thermal imaging cameras, speakers, searchlights, and laser rangefinders can be mounted and detached from the aircraft, so it can be used for various tasks such as warning, disturbance broadcasting, and target indication, etc.
DAPA is also looking into increasing localization of their drone weapons systems by specifying a domestically developed flight controller and miniaturized integrated communication module (data link and security module).
“Through this pilot project, we expect to contribute to the revitalization of the domestic drone industry and the increase in military power. We hope that it will become a stepping stone for promptly creating demand by demonstrating it," said DAPA’s unmanned business manager Ho-jun Won.

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