Kalashnikov Presents New Guided Missile at ARMY-2021 Forum

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  • 06:55 AM, August 23, 2021
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Kalashnikov Presents New Guided Missile at ARMY-2021 Forum
S-8L guided missile

Kalashnikov Group revealed a new guided missile, S-8L, at the ARMY-2021 International Military-Technical Forum.

“The S-8L guided missile with semiactive homing head can be used by various carriers, including all types of helicopters or aircrafts, as well as UAVs,” said Andrey Semenov, the First Deputy CEO of the Kalashnikov Group.

The advanced 80-mm S-8L guided missile with HEF warhead is designed to engage single and group ground targets, both stationary and moving. The S-8L is launched from the helicopters and aircrafts using the B8V20 or B8M1 rocket launchers.

The firing range of the rocket is up to 6 km. It can effectively engage lightly-armored targets. At the ARMY-2021 forum, the rocket will be demonstrated integrated with a helicopter-type UAV.

Kalashnikov Group and partners are currently seeking the opportunities to apply the air-launched guided missile Vikhr-1 using various types of carriers. Such works are conducted to complete a major overhaul and modernization of the Mi-28N helicopters.

Similar works are also performed to enhance military capability of the Mi-28UB helicopters. The possibility to adapt the Vikhr-1 guided missile to be used with the Mi-28NE and Mi-35P helicopters is now being considered. The company is pursuing opportunities to use the Vikhr-1 guided missile with the Orion-E UAV.

The Kalashnikov Group, in cooperation with the JSC KBP, is currently implementing R&D projects to modernize the Vikhr-1 guided missile and improve its specifications. The modernized Vikhr-1M missile will be used from Ka-52, Ka-52M as well as other carriers.

Kalashnikov Presents New Guided Missile at ARMY-2021 Forum
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