Army 2021: Russian MoD Reaches Target, Signs Deals worth 500B Rubles

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  • 06:15 AM, August 25, 2021
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Army 2021: Russian MoD Reaches Target, Signs Deals worth 500B Rubles
Tsirkon Hypersonic Missile Launch @MoD Russia

The Russian Ministry of Defense has already reached its target of ordering weapons worth 500 billion Rubles ($6.8 billion) for its military at the ongoing Army 2021 military-technical forum.

The Army-2021 Forum is being held in Kubinka near Moscow from 22-28 August, 2021.

"Today, four were awarded and 41 state contracts were signed with 27 enterprises of the military-industrial complex worth more than 500 billion rubles," Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko said during the event. "As a result of the fulfillment of these state contracts, the RF Armed Forces will be replenished with more than 1,300 new models of equipment, and over 150 units of weapons, military and special equipment will be overhauled.”

As per Russian media, the ministry’s shopping list included Zircon (Tsirkon) hypersonic missiles, Kalibr cruise missiles, missiles for the Dagger hypersonic aviation complex, a batch of attack drones and reconnaissance ships.

According to the signed contract, the modernization of the Tu-95MS bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons will be carried out. This is the first contract for the deep modernization of the Tu-95MS combatant strategic bombers to the appearance of the Tu-95MSM.

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