AK-12 Assault Rifle to Replace AK-74 as Russian Military's Basic Weapon

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  • 06:35 AM, August 25, 2021
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AK-12 Assault Rifle to Replace AK-74 as Russian Military's Basic Weapon
Kalashnikov AK-12 Assault Rifle

Kalashnikov claims its new AK-12 assault rifle will become the basic weapon for Russian troops in the coming years.

"The AK-12 has served as a replacement for the AK-74 since 2018 and will become the basic gun of the Russian Armed Forces in the next few years," press office of Kalashnikov told Russian state media at the Army 2021 Forum.

The AK-12’s final design, shaped following its operational evaluation by troops, was featured at the Army 2020 forum. Now, the gunmaker has launched the production of upgraded AK-12 automatic weapons.

The AK-12 has been upgraded to get the capability to use round-the-clock sights.

"The AK-12 provides for its 24/7 employment and is distinguished by good ergonomics and accuracy. Its design has been fully tested and the customer confirms this. The assault rifle is set to become the basic weapon of the Russian soldier for decades to come. The experience of its operation in the troops confirms that the assigned task has been accomplished in full," the Kalashnikov press office said.

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