New S.Korean KSS III Submarine Test-Fires SLBM

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  • 06:37 AM, September 7, 2021
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New S.Korean KSS III Submarine Test-Fires SLBM
KSS III submarine Dosan Ahn Chang-ho @ROK Navy

The South Korean Navy test-fired a ballistic missile from its latest 3000-ton KSS III submarine Dosan Ahn Chang-ho, under water.

The country became the eighth in the world to successfully develop an SLBM after the United States, Russia, Britain, France, India, China and North Korea.

Two tests were reportedly conducted by the Agency for Defense Development (ADD) last week.

ADD carried out underwater ejection tests of a homegrown submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) from the submarine after successful launches from an underwater barge last month, military sources were quoted as saying by Yonhap News Agency. After a round of additional tests, the SLBM will be mass produced for deployment, the sources added.

The indigenously developed Dosan Ahn Chang-ho submarine is equipped with six vertical launch tubes.

The SLBM is believed to be a variant of the country's Hyunmoo-2B ballistic missile, with a flight range of around 500 kilometers. It will be fitted with conventional warheads, according to the sources. The missile has reportedly been codenamed, Hyunmoo 4-4.

A person from the ADD informed the press, “The last and third launch test in the middle of September will finally lead to SLBM production and deployment at sea.” The last launch test will be conducted to ensure accuracy, at the near sea around the ADD’s Anheung testing facility in South Chungcheong province, without inviting the media.

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