Saab Wins $105M Order for Carl-Gustaf M4 and Ammunition

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  • 05:11 AM, September 17, 2021
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Saab Wins $105M Order for Carl-Gustaf M4 and Ammunition
Carl-Gustaf M4 recoilless rifle

Saab has received orders for the recoilless rifle Carl-Gustaf M4 with included ammunition worth 900 million SEK (approximately $105 million).

Deliveries will take place next year.

The Carl-Gustaf M4 variant is lighter and shorter than its predecessor, the M3 MAAWS. The shorter length was in response to the need to wield the weapon in urban terrain, and weight savings were achieved through using lighter components whenever possible including a carbon fibre tube with titanium liner, as well as a new venturi design. Other new features include a red-dot sight, a travel safety catch to allow the M4 to be carried while loaded, an adjustable shoulder rest and forward grip for improved ergonomics, a shot counter to keep track of how many rounds have been fired to manage the weapon's 1,000-round barrel life, picatinny rails for grips and sight mounts, and a remote round management function so intelligent sights can communicate with programmable rounds.

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