NATO Orders MVRsimulation's Fixed-Wing Part Task Mission Trainers

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  • 11:11 AM, September 22, 2021
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NATO Orders MVRsimulation's Fixed-Wing Part Task Mission Trainers

NATO Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP) based at Los Llanos Air Base, Albacete, Spain, has purchased 30 new fixed-wing Part Task Mission Trainer (PTMT) cockpit shells for fighter pilot simulation training built by MVRsimulation.
The acquisition includes 54 Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) licenses with location-specific geospecific terrain.
MVRsimulation designed and built the PTMT under an internal program, to provide a very low-cost, quick-deploy cockpit training solution to fill the gap in current in-use mission tactics training systems for military fixed-wing pilots. The system aims to maximize suspension of disbelief for trainee pilots as they practice mission tactics and coordination in joint, networked environments. It can also operate as a standalone training solution.
The PTMT comprises an all-welded aluminum structure fabricated in the U.S., fully integrated cockpit shell, touch screen displays for pilot interaction, and an out the window (OTW) view on adjustable curved display, mixed-reality headset or partial dome.
Complete with notional aircraft hardware represented by touchscreens for conducting air-to-air or air-to-ground training scenarios, the PTMT can be configured for training for current 3rd and 4th generation combat aircraft currently used by NATO nations thanks to its specially designed, patent-pending flight control stick that can be easily adjusted between side-stick and center-stick positions.
The configuration delivered to the TLP in August 2021 includes the PTMT with curved display, VRSG, and Battlespace Simulations’ Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE). MVRsimulation’s library of 3D virtual terrain for rendering VRSG includes a geospecific terrain of Europe, with high-resolution terrain of Spain and a 3D replica of the Los Llanos Air Base.
The multinational TLP is the leading center for NATO’s Allied Air Forces tactical training and development of knowledge and leadership skills. The 30 PTMTs will be deployed in a classroom setting, where they will support the TLP’s Composite Air Operations (COMAO) Flying and Synthetic courses. The COMAO Flying Course aims to improve the tactical leadership skills and flying capabilities of front line fighter mission commanders, to improve the tactical interoperability of NATO Air Forces through exposure to tactics and capabilities of other air forces and to provide a flying laboratory for tactical employment concepts. The COMAO Synthetic Course is a nine-day course focused on tactical leadership and COMAO mission planning.
The PTMTs have been built by MVRsimulation’s manufacturing partner in the USA.

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