Airshow China to Display New Drones, J-16D EW Aircraft

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  • 08:10 AM, September 27, 2021
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Airshow China to Display New Drones, J-16D EW Aircraft
WZ-7 drone at Airshow China 2021 (Sept 28 -Oct 3): Via Chinese state media.

New Drones- including WZ-7 and WZ-8 high-altitude drones besides the JARI-USV maritime attack drone will be displayed at the Airshow China at Zhuhai starting September 28.

The WZ-7, built to be deployed in missions that require extended endurance like border reconnaissance and maritime patrol, is making its debut at the show. It was previously known as Soar Dragon.

Featuring a tandem-wing design and being large in size, the WZ-7 has a long endurance, which makes completing its intended missions possible, a Chinese military expert told the Global Times on Friday, requesting anonymity. He added that since People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force is presenting it to the public, it has already entered service.

The J-16D electronic warfare (EW) aircraft will also be on static display in the outdoor exhibition area for the first time.

Electronic warfare aircraft can accompany other warplanes and provide them with electronic warfare support, for example, conducting electronic jamming or deception, or they can also launch direct attacks on hostile radar installations or early warning aircraft, Wang Ya'nan, chief editor of Beijing-based Aerospace Knowledge magazine, told the Global Times.

Scale models of J-20 and FC-31 stealth jets, Y-20 large transport aircraft, Z-20 utility helicopter, GJ-11 stealth armed drone, and others will be on display.

Companies including China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited also put maritime weaponry and equipment on display, including the JARI-USV, a made-for-export ship drone with modularized and integrated designs.

The ship drone only has a length of 15 meters and a displacement of 20 tons, but it is capable of conducting air defense, anti-ship and anti-submarine missions thanks to a phased array radar system, vertical-launched missiles and torpedoes, as per Chinese state media.

Models of China's main battle vessels, including aircraft carriers, destroyers, frigates and submarines are also on display.

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