Rheinmetall, Navistar to Compete for Canada’s Logistics Vehicle Modernization Project

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  • 06:38 AM, October 7, 2021
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Rheinmetall, Navistar to Compete for Canada’s Logistics Vehicle Modernization Project
Rheinmetall HX vehicle

Rheinmetall Canada and Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) have partnered with Navistar Defence Canada in pursuit of Canada’s Logistics Vehicle Modernization (LVM) project.

Canada plans to acquire new fleets of light and heavy logistics vehicles, trailers, vehicle modules, and armour protection kits under the LVM project. These vehicles are used by the CAF to transport personnel, equipment, and supplies in support of operations at home and abroad. They will also transport modules that can be used as spaces for things such as cargo space, troop lift, ambulances, workshops, and command posts.

This new, modern fleet will be able to carry a larger load, be more mobile, and provide increased protection to help ensure the CAF can continue meeting national and global missions. These missions will include situations such as disaster relief both in Canada and abroad during emergencies such as flooding, combat support, and peacekeeping overseas.

The Team 45⁰ North (45⁰N) will offer the Canadian Army battle-tested trucks that are purpose-built for military use.

Rheinmetall claims its HX series of tactical trucks are off road capable, and offer an unparalleled level of protection to soldiers. The ready-to-use design can also be upgraded and modified according to specific customer needs. The HX family of vehicles combines professional logistics with force mobility support and tactical special role applications, making it a reliable enabler for joint operations in complex environments.

Navistar’s platforms can be tailored to meet specific mission requirements and configured in several variants such as water tankers; petroleum, oil and lubricant trucks; general troop transporters; wreckers; dump trucks; heavy equipment transport trucks; and more. They have been used in recent natural disaster relief missions in Canada and have been a key logistics force-multiplier on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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