S.Korea Approves Project to Develop Lightweight Torpedoes by 2028

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  • 04:20 AM, November 2, 2021
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S.Korea Approves Project to Develop Lightweight Torpedoes by 2028
K745 Chung Sang Eo (Blue Shark) lightweight torpedo. @Wikipedia

South Korea will launch a $135 million (160 billion won) project to develop new lightweight torpedoes by 2028, the state arms procurement agency announced Monday.

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) said that the Defense Project Promotion Committee endorsed the torpedo project. The Navy currently has Baek Sang Eo (White Shark) heavyweight torpedoes, K745 Chung Sang Eo (Blue Shark) lightweight torpedoes in service. Blue Shark is deployed on surface ships, maritime helicopters and anti-submarine patrol aircraft as a means to strike enemy submarines. It is capable of penetrating 1.5 meter-thick steel.

The committee also approved another $400 million (470 billion won) project to supply GPS-guided bombs for Air Force operations by 2027. Following the approval, related contracts with foreign firms will take effect this year.

LIG Nex1 unveiled Tiger Shark heavyweight torpedo during MADEX 2017 to replace the White Sharks. It is specifically designed for the Jangbogo III (KSS-III) class submarines (4000+ tons SSK) of the Navy but will be fielded with KSS-II (Son Won-Il U214 class) first. This torpedo will reportedly be using the same battery type (Li Ion) and technology as the one used on the recent Blue Shark.

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