S.Korea to Upgrade Artillary Battalion Tactical Command System

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  • 10:27 AM, November 8, 2021
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S.Korea to Upgrade Artillary Battalion Tactical Command System
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The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) has announced that it has begun development of the artillery battalion fire command system performance improvement (BTCS A2) system to improve the performance of systems presently deployed to the army and navy.

The project is scheduled to begin in October of 2021 with an investment of 10.9 billion won (USD 9.2Million). The first prototype is expected to be unveiled by September of 2024.

The fire command system will be enhanced through the addition of a multi-target simultaneous processing function and improving the performance to provide an analysis function that recommends the optimal shooting method. Previously utilizing only digital maps, altitude data will be added to the system improve the battlefield situation visualization function through the latest digital situation map.  The target of interworking is expanded from the existing 12 to 15 systems through a connection with the  Command, Control, Communication, Computer, and Intelligence (C4I) system used by the military, and the performance will be improved through the use of the latest hardware and software, with the equipment changing from the existing desktop form to the more portable laptop form.

The artillery battalion fire command system, first deployed in 1989, with the first performance improvement (BTCS A1) being applied in 2006.

 “With this system development, the firing command ability of the artillery force of the ground forces will be improved, and the effect of utilizing the existing artillery force of the South Korean army will be greatly strengthened. This will ensure that it can be deployed at the right time. “Stated Gyu-heon Gyu-heon, head of the command and control communication division of DAPA.

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