China, Saudi Arabia Show Interest in Russian KA-226T Helicopter

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  • 01:08 PM, November 22, 2021
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China, Saudi Arabia Show Interest in Russian KA-226T Helicopter
KA-226T helicopter at MAKS 2021

Russia's KA-226T light multi-purpose helicopter has buyer interest coming in from China and Saudi Arabia.

Russia and India are working on project to manufacture the helicopter in India. Recently Russian Helicopters demonstrated a high-altitude version of the KA-226T at the Dubai Air Show.

"A delegation from China came to us within the framework of the Army 2021 Forum, was very interested in this project, Saudi Arabia is (also) interested,” general director of Russian Helicopters, Andrey Boginsky told TASS in an interview.

Russian Helicopters first displayed the prototype of updated Ka-226T called "Alpinist" at MAKS 2021 built for high altitude operations. This chopper will have increased speed, reduced empty weight, besides wider range; the machine will be able to be used at altitudes up to 6500 meters. The helicopter can optionally be equipped with oxygen equipment, ballonets, air conditioning and heating systems. Certification for passenger transportation is planned.

The helicopter features good controllability at extreme altitudes in thin air conditions, resistance to strong crosswinds, high climb rate, the ability to take off and land on sites located at high altitudes.

The Ka-226T helicopter is effective when flying over water surfaces. It can take off and land on the deck of even small sea vessels.

The upgraded Ka-226T has a new airframe design with significantly improved aerodynamics. The fuselage is made using modern lightweight materials, the control system and the electric system of the helicopter have been modernized, a shock-resistant accident-resistant fuel system has been installed that meets increased safety requirements.

The volume of fuel tanks was increased with the provision of centralized refueling. The helicopter is also equipped with a new complex of flight-navigation and radio communication equipment.

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