S.Korea Developing Military Intelligence Management System

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  • 07:43 AM, December 3, 2021
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S.Korea Developing Military Intelligence Management System

South Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) announced the development of a Combined Military Information Processing System (MIMS-C) system to improve the performance of the existing combined military information distribution system presently deployed in the armed forces.

The existing system was first inducted in 2014 and will be obtaining upgrades in the performance of the three-dimensional situation city function, data automatic classification and search function, and interworking ability through performance improvement from this year.

The current system’s two-dimensional situation map will be upgraded to provide a three-dimensional battlefield situation screen through the latest three-dimensional situation map with additional high-level data. The networking capabilities are also expected to be improved by expanding the range of interworking with the U.S. system, expanding performance with the latest hardware/software, and building equipment optimized for ROK-U.S. interoperability. The system’s Data automatic classification and search function are to be improved to enable real-time information sharing and automatic classification and search through linkage between Korea and the United States, information analysis and integration time will be dramatically reduced.

“The development of this system will enable rapid combined information processing for common situational awareness between the ROK and the U.S., greatly enhancing the ROK military-led combined operation capability and performance. We will do our best to carry out the improvement project without any setbacks so that it can be deployed in a timely manner,” Gyu-heon Jeong, Director of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration’s Space Command and Communication Division said.

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