First Demo of Russian Reconnaissance System Meant for Export at EDEX 2021

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  • 10:24 AM, December 3, 2021
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First Demo of Russian Reconnaissance System Meant for Export at EDEX 2021
EDEX 2021 exhibition

Russia for the first time showcased a next-generation reconnaissance/signaling system built specifically for export at the EDEX 2021 exhibition in Cairo, Egypt.

The system is intended to detect enemy manpower and land combat systems.

"At the EDEX 2021 defense exhibition, we are demonstrating the export version of the 1K144-E (TAS3) system to foreign customers for the first time. This is an advanced solution capable of conducting covert remote surveillance of the territory. The equipment detects wheeled vehicles within 120 meters, tracked hardware within 200 meters and personnel within 30 meters and transmits data to a remote command post to a distance of up to 35 km," the press office of Rostec-owned Ruselectronics Group told TASS on Friday.

The 1K144-E system comprises seismic infrared and seismic magnetometric sensors about 20 cm in size and weighing 150-160g, and also radio re-transmitters, antennae and a set of receiving and information display equipment.

"The system both detects objects and determines the direction of their movement, counts and identifies targets by their types: wheeled or tracked hardware or manpower. Seismic magnetometric sensors are planted in the soil while seismic infrared devices are camouflaged on the terrain and operate continuously for 30 days," the company explained.

The time of installing sensors, taking into account the time of their planting into the soil and camouflaging does not exceed five minutes, it said.

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