12:00 AM, June 17, 2009
To provide land forces with new operational capabilities, MBDA, Panhard and Sagem have modified the WASP remote-controlled turret to enable crews to fire MILAN ER medium-range missiles under armour protection. The WASP MILAN ER turret is being presented at Paris Air Show 2009.This new turret includes most of the components of the WASP turret (launched by Panhard and Sagem in 2008) including, in particular, the capability of operating a 7.62 mm machine gun under armour for close defence of the vehicle. The WASP's Sagem camera has, however, been replaced with a multi-sensor camera of the CM3 type to provide the crew with long-distance observation capability by day and night and in all weather plus the capability of firing a MILAN ER missile to engage and destroy any battlefield threat within a range of 3000 m. The WASP MILAN ER turret thus offers new capabilities for armoured vehicles engaged in operations, providing support for dismounted infantry or for logistic convoy escorts. Operating the missile from the vehicle protects the battery crew from enemy fire and increases the responsiveness of the weapon system's operation.
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