12:00 AM, July 27, 2009
Saudi Arabia to receive three addition A330 MRTT tankers
The Saudi Ministry of Defence and Aviation (MODA) has ordered three additional A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) for the Royal Saudi Air Force, bringing its total order to six aircraft. Saudi had signed a first contract for three back in 2008. Delivery of the first aircraft is due in 2011. The six aircraft will be configured with hose and drogue under-wing pods and the Airbus Military Air Refuelling Boom System (ARBS). The contract includes an in-service support package. Saudi Arabia’s decision consolidates the A330 MRTT position as the benchmark in the multi role tanker transport aircraft market. Airbus Military is responsible for the design and production of the MRTTs, and hereby positioned as a key worldwide supplier in the field of tanking, mission and transport aircraft. “We are grateful to the Royal Saudi Air Force for their renewed confidence in our products. The repeated selection from such a demanding customer confirms the superiority of Airbus Military in providing the best air-to-air refuelling solutions”, said Domingo Ureña, CEO of Airbus Military. “Airbus Military is definitively well ahead and leading with a really outstanding product that is already in production”, Mr Ureña added. The Airbus Military A330 MRTT is the most advanced and most cost-effective Multi Role Tanker Transport existing today. The large 111,000 kg/245,000 lb basic fuel capacity of the successful A330-200 airliner, from which it is derived, enables the A330 MRTT to excel in Air-to-Air refuelling missions without any additional fuel tanks. The A330 MRTT is offered with a choice of proven air refuelling systems including an advanced aerial refuelling boom system, and/or hose and drogue wing, pods and/or fuselage refuelling unit. Thanks to its true wide-body fuselage, the A330 MRTT can also be used as a pure transport aircraft able to carry up to 380 passengers or a payload of up to 45 tons / 99,000 lb. It can also easily be converted to accomodate up to 130 stretchers for Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC). In summary the A330 MRTT is the most efficient aircraft of its kind as reflected by the fact that it won the last five competitions (Australia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, as well as the US Air Force, although the latter selection was subsequently suspended). Orders for the A330 MRTT now total 28 aircraft.