EADS signs long term framework agreement with Russian scientific partners

  • 12:00 AM, August 24, 2009
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EADS has signed a long term partnership agreement with the Russian Academy of Sciences and the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University (SPb SPU). The agreement expresses the common interests and basic principles of cooperation in Research and Technology (R&T). The document was signed by Dr. Jean Botti, EADS Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and member of the Executive Committee of EADS, Alexander Kuleshov, Director of the Institute for Information Transmission Problems (IITP), Professor Yury Boldyrev from SPb SPU, and Yury Emilianov, General Director of International Research Institute for Advanced Systems (IRIAS). The agreement is open for other scientific institutions. The signature took place on Tuesday at MAKS Airshow in Moscow. The parties will jointly identify specific R&T projects to be fulfilled for EADS in areas such as advanced simulation capabilities, virtual testing, flight physics, structure and noise reduction. Specific projects in line with these directions will be proposed by a new Research Council which will be created in the framework of this agreement. With this agreement, EADS is aiming at extending positive experience in R&T cooperation with its long term partner IRIAS to other Institutes. This enhanced network allows EADS to move to large scale multidisciplinary projects including the use of demonstrators. In 2003, EADS established the Russian Technology Office (RTO) to facilitate cooperation with the Russian research and development community. EADS currently uses RTO as the focal point for R&T projects with Russian partners. As a locally-based technology acquisition and project management unit, the Russian Technology Office acts in the interest of EADS and all its Divisions. Benefiting from years of experience and well-established relationships in Russia, EADS RTO has developed an effective management approach to project acquisition and management. “EADS is committed to on-going R&T partnership with Russia as a key player in research and technology. R&T initiatives are an important element of cooperation between EADS and Russia, along with titanium deliveries and joint production programs,” said CTO Jean Botti, “I’m looking forward to welcoming more scientific institutions from Russia joining our network”. According to Alexander Kuleshov the agreement signed with EADS proves that the advanced engineering technologies created in Russia, and mainly in its aerospace industry, are still one of the biggest assets of the national science. “Up-to-date mathematical data handling methods or, to put it otherwise, cognitive technologies, largely improve the quality of design and engineering,” he emphasized.