Vectronix wins major contracts in the UK for FIST

  • 12:00 AM, September 10, 2009
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DSEi, London- Vectronix AG has been awarded two major contracts by the Thales FIST Prime Contract Management Office to supply its new multi-function target acquisition unit, MOSKITO, and the Rapid Acquisition Aiming Module (RAAM) to the UK Ministry of Defence under the FIST programme (Future Integrated Soldier Technology – a dismounted soldier system). Under these agreements, Vectronix will supply a total of around 2700 MOSKITO and 2300 RAAM systems to the UK MoD, along with a comprehensive support package. Deliveries will begin in 2009 and run over a 5-year period. Under this programme, MOSKITO, the newest member in the family of Vectronix hand-held products, will be utilized as the new Commander’s Target Locator (CTL). The multi-function device combines all essential day and night viewing, measuring and geo-location functions into one compact and user friendly device weighing less than 1.2kg, including its commercially available batteries. The Rapid Acquisition Aiming Module RAAM, jointly developed by Vectronix and Wilcox Industries, will fulfill the FIST Underslung Grenade Launcher Fire Control System (UGL-FCS) requirement. RAAM instantly calculates the distance, angle of declination or inclination, and adjusts the point of aim accordingly. The device performs in daylight as well as darkness and drastically increases the hit probability of identified targets. “This major award is a fantastic launching contract and a prestigious reference for our new MOSKITO and RAAM products and extends the product portfolio of both Vectronix and Sagem to be selected by the major Soldier Modernization Programs” said Mr. Jean Harter, CEO of Vectronix. Vectronix has been working closely with Thales and the MoD for the past several years to provide an integrated solution meeting the requirements of the customer. This contract is the latest example of Vectronix equipment being supplied to the UK MoD. In 2007, Vectronix supplied already a significant number of their PLRF 15C Pocket Laser Range Finders for the Sniper System Improvement (SSI) program.